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Favourite Authors ~ Favourite Books

I read a lot and I always have. Most of the books fade in the wind, the writing, characters and/or story just okay. There are others that I pre-order then I anxiously await their arrival. I loan them out cautiously, always writing down the borrower so I know how to get them back. These are the authors and/or books on my list of 'treasures'. Check them out if you haven't already.

Anne Bishop
~ Black Jewels trilogy
~ Sebastian

Patricia Briggs
~ Mercy Thompson series
~ Hurogmeten duology

Suzanne Brockmann
~ Heart Throb
~ Hot Target

Lois McMaster Bujold
~ Miles Vorkosigan series
~ Chalion series
~ Sharing Knife series

Jacqueline Carey
~ the first Kushiel trilogy (Dart, Chosen, Avatar)

Dick Francis
~ Just about anything

Emma Holly (for adults only)
~ Fairyville
~ Strange Attractions
~ All U Can Eat

Linda Howard on fantastic fiction
~ Dream Man
~ Mr. Perfect
~ After The Night

Tanya Huff (links to my review)
~ Victory Nelson series
~ Smoke trilogy
~ Confederation series

Sarah Monette
~ Doctrine of Labyrinths quartet
~ A Companion to Wolves (with Elizabeth Bear)

Wen Spencer
~ Ukiah Oregon quartet
~ Tinker duology

Mo Willems (for kids of any age)
~ The Pigeon series

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